Why are you being paid to investigate?

The detective profession has traditionally been seen as a dangerous job, but the number of cases being solved by the force has also increased.

In 2011, the number was 787,000 and the number for the next two years was 786,000. 

This year, the figures have been revised to 779,000, with an additional 20,000 people being paid the duty of detective for investigations into serious crimes.

The figures also show that the number is now almost twice as high as in 2011. 

The number of people working on the case is increasing and we need more and more detectives working on these cases.””

The main reason for the increase is the increased amount of cases that are being investigated and the speed at which these are being resolved,” a senior police source said.

“The number of people working on the case is increasing and we need more and more detectives working on these cases.”

Detective Sergeant Brian Kelly of the Northern Constabulary said the increase in cases being brought to the attention of the force is the result of a number of factors.

“We’ve increased the number from 1,937 in 2011 to 1,984 in 2012, the same as the previous year. 

We also saw an increase of cases brought to us in the past two years from around 300 a year to around 1,600 in 2013 and around 1.6 million in 2014. 

And there is more to the story.”

In 2014, we saw an increased rate of people coming forward to us, we had an increase from a low of approximately 1 per cent in 2010 to an increase that has been about 10 per cent over the last year.

“It’s all about the integrity of the work and the work of the people who are doing it.”

This is why we are able to do this job at all and the fact that we can get an investigation to a conclusion and then have a conclusion that is accepted by the court is also a huge advantage.

“A number of these cases have been opened under the “Detective Code of Practice”, which sets out the principles and procedures for dealing with serious and complex cases.

The Code of practice states that the police are required to investigate the case and that they are “required to ensure that the investigation is conducted in accordance with the principles set out in the Code”.

A police source told the RTE that the detective profession “has to be the safest profession in Ireland”.”

When we have a police officer who has the integrity to investigate a case, we know that it is going to lead to an outcome that is in the best interests of the person being investigated,” the source said “There is no better time to do it than in the midst of the Christmas and Easter holidays.

“People who are working on investigations can be in the middle of a major family dispute, a serious accident or something as simple as a car break-in.”

Det Chief Inspector Kelly said that, despite the increased workload, there has been an increase in the number that have been offered the role of detective.

“There are more and better opportunities for them to be in that role and more and even more good ones are being offered to them, but there is still a huge amount of work that needs to be done.”

That is why, in the last few years, we have increased the rate of new cases being opened from around 250 a year in 2010 to approximately 1,200 in 2013, and we will see an increase this year from around 1 per half to 1 per quarter.

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