When do you need to be really careful about mouse cursors?

By Tim FentonA new feature in Madden NFL 15, which will launch this week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, allows players to sign in from the comfort of their couch. 

This feature was revealed earlier this week and is now available to all players who have the game installed on the PS4 and Xbox.

It’s a small, but useful addition, as it lets players see their team’s name and score at the top of their screen.

It also lets them easily check their stats against other players in the same league.

It seems this feature was intended to be more useful than it seems.

A quick scan of Madden’s menus reveals that the player interface is a bit sparse.

There are no customisable player names, no “team stats” option, no search options or “team profiles” to make finding your favorite players easier.

This is a shame, as a lot of the new features that the game is bringing to the table in this year’s update are very useful.

The most obvious example is the new player profile feature.

If you’re a Madden fan and you’ve been playing since the release of EA’s previous title, FIFA 14, you’ve probably noticed that the team icons and icons for your favorite team members are hidden away from your screen. 

The default icons, however, are just about the only thing that can be seen when you’re playing Madden.

They’re a good indicator of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and their absence makes it easy to miss out on any of the game’s hidden gems. 

In the case of Madden 15, you’ll be able to see the name of the player you’ve signed up to play with and the team that drafted him or her in the upcoming NFL draft.

This means that you’ll also be able read his or her player rating, whether it’s the highest or lowest rating a player can attain in a season. 

It’s also important to note that you won’t have to worry about missing out on valuable information like scouting reports and statistical analyses.

The team profile and player names are hidden behind the player name, so it won’t be possible to miss those unless you want to, and you can easily get them by using the “sign in” menu.

The best part about this feature is that it will automatically appear when you sign in.

When you’re signed in, your profile will be shown alongside the “team name” and “sign up for” icons in the team menu.

Once you’re finished, you can switch to your profile and click on “Profile” to reveal the “Stats” section.

The player’s name will be listed on the left side of the stat, along with his or the team’s current ranking.

There’s also a new column with a summary of how well a player is performing, including how many times he or she has been drafted.

This will allow you to compare player performance to that of your favorite teams in the league.

The “Score” column lists the player’s team’s average score in a given season.

For example, if you look at this season’s average scoring of 1,749, you’d see that players like Robert Griffin III and Matthew Stafford have both been very good at their current teams, while Marcus Mariota is the only one who has been below average. 

You can also add your own stats to your team profile.

This lets you add your personal ratings, such as the number of interceptions that a player has intercepted, and how often he or her has been sacked.

If your team is scoring well, you might be able tell by their stat total that they’re not going to allow opposing teams to score enough points to put you in the playoffs.

This can be particularly useful if your team has the league’s lowest points per game average, and they’re playing against teams like the Saints, Titans and Ravens. 

To see the player rating of each player, click the “Team” icon in the top right corner of the profile and you’ll see a small dropdown menu.

You can scroll through the individual player ratings to find your favorite player and see what his or hers statistics are.

If there are players you’d like to see ranked higher than your current rating, you simply click on the “+” sign next to the name and your current team’s ranking will be updated.

The last feature that I’ll talk about today is the “Sign in for Madden” button. 

Once you’ve clicked the “Join My Team” button, your current roster will show up in your team list.

In addition to seeing your current stats and ranking, this menu also displays your team-by-team ratings. 

There are two new features to Madden’s roster interface.

The first is the ability to search for players.

When players are added to your roster, the search box will appear next to their name.

The second is the player-by-(player-id)-team interface.

This screen allows you to quickly add or remove players

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