When alcohol detection devices fail, ‘the problem is too big’

Posted June 25, 2018 05:25:47When alcohol detection machines fail, the problem is “too big” for some Australian states, a former senior Australian Federal Police officer has warned.

Key points:Police warn that they could see the problems start to be addressed in the coming months when alcohol-detection technology is introducedStates could start to see more serious issues with devices after a yearPolice say the problems with detecting alcohol could be fixed by next yearThe Federal Government is considering introducing new technology to help people detect drugs, including marijuana, in a bid to crack down on the illicit trade.

Police in Western Australia and Queensland say they have seen the problems and believe the state could start seeing more serious problems with alcohol detection technology in a year.

Key Points:The Federal Police warn that the problem could be solved by next monthIf the problem persists, they say the Federal Government could start considering the introduction of new technologyIn NSW and Victoria, NSW police and the State Emergency Service (SES) are working together to develop a system that can detect and prevent alcohol-related offences.

The SES and NSW police believe the technology is ready for a rollout in the two states within the next 12 months.

“We are hoping to have a system in place by the end of June that will be capable of detecting alcohol in the environment,” Acting Chief Commissioner David Chisholm said.

“The problem is the problem we have with alcohol detecting systems in NSW is that the problems are not yet resolved.”

The Ses are also hoping to develop an “advanced detection and monitoring device” to allow the SES to monitor alcohol in a person’s home and provide warnings to residents.

“I am hoping that by June, when the technology has been tested and validated, the NSW and Queensland SES will be able to begin to implement the new technology in their respective jurisdictions,” Mr Chisho said.

Police say some people might need to go through lengthy training and other steps before the technology can be deployed in their states.

“As long as there is no change to the technology, and the equipment is properly installed, we would expect that people would be able and willing to implement it,” Mr Sholm told ABC News Breakfast.

“But that’s not always the case.

There are still some problems that we are still working on.”‘

A little bit like a roller coaster’The Federal and State Government are considering introducing a new technology for detecting alcohol, including cannabis.

But the problems could be further complicated by a lack of technology, which means the state would have to be able the Ses and NSW officers to work together.

“This is a little bit similar to the roller coaster that we’re having in terms of our alcohol detection system,” Mr Yap said.”[The system] is in place and there are people that are working on it, but we have not yet got the technology to go into our states.”

Mr Yap and Mr Shollm said the state’s system was in “immediate” danger of failing and was not likely to change for a year or two.

“There is a lot of risk involved with this because we have a big problem with the technology in NSW and we’re working very hard to get that right,” Mr Trigle said.

Federal Police have been working with the NSW Government and SES since last year to develop the technology.

“If we can’t get it into our jurisdictions, then it’s not going to work in our jurisdictions and we will need to look at other solutions,” Mr Jap said of the technology’s shortcomings.

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