When a detective in England was caught with a stash of drugs, he had to give up his job

A detective in Wales was fired after he was caught in a police sting operation with more than $1,000 in cash and cannabis, according to his lawyer.

Detective wolfe was caught by the Welsh police investigating allegations of an “unlawful drug operation” in the city of Cardiff last year.

It was the second time that wolfe had been caught with the money, which had also included £100 in cash.

He resigned on Wednesday.

The police said he was not arrested and was not facing any criminal charges.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said the force had no comment.

A search of his home revealed more than 50 kilograms of cannabis, including cannabis flowers, cannabis pipes and a plastic bag containing cannabis.

The drugs were also found on a laptop.

The search was also carried out in the United Kingdom, where he was due to give evidence in a case.

He said the investigation was not linked to a specific drug offence.

He also said the money had been taken from a business in Wales that he owns, not from an address in Cardiff.

He told the BBC he did not know if the money was his and was confident it was not.

Wolfe’s lawyer, Ian Rimmer, said the police officers had no basis for believing he was involved in any drug trafficking.

“This is not an allegation of criminality and we are not asking for anything in return.

I have no idea why this investigation was carried out,” Rimmer said.

“I would ask them to be very careful.

The fact is he was a police officer and this is what he did for the police.”

The Welsh police said in a statement they were investigating the incident.

They said wolfe’s “immediate departure was not related to any criminality”.

A spokesman said it was “not appropriate for me to comment further on this matter”.

He said they were also not aware of any arrests in relation to the investigation.

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