What you need to know about the new alert system that can help you find missing pets

Police have issued an alert to owners of missing pets, saying they can now be tracked through the internet.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has written to owners and said: “If you or a member of your family or household are missing your pet or an animal that has gone missing and you are not able to contact them, please get in touch with police by clicking on the ‘contact police’ link on this page.”

Anyone who wants to help is urged to call police on 101.

“The new alert allows police to trace the identity of missing dogs, cats, and cats, or to trace an animal’s movements, if it is found, to any mobile phone within the UK,” the police say.

The warning also warns against the “risk of harm to a person or to a property” as well as the possibility of damage to “an object, a building, or an infrastructure”.

Police say the new system is being rolled out across the country.

It can be activated by calling the mobile number provided and a digital screen will be displayed on your screen.

If you want to help, you can contact the contact police on 01273 222 772.

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