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Detective Gumshoe has been in the news recently, due to a series of recent tweets which made the rounds that he claimed to be the new chief of police in New Zealand.

As reported by Stuff: Detective Gumsho’s tweets made the headlines earlier this year, after he tweeted a picture of himself posing with a police badge in front of an old New Zealand flag.

He claimed to have been chosen as the new police chief in the wake of the country’s coronavirus pandemic.

He also tweeted that he had been chosen by Prime Minister John Key as the next leader of New Zealand, and he was due to arrive in the country in October. 

The Twitter account also tweeted a link to a blog post by Chief Inspector Peter West that was apparently based on the new Chief Inspector’s comments.

“This will give the public more confidence that New Zealand Police is committed to a strong and transparent police service.

The Chief Inspector has also provided a detailed explanation of the process for selecting a new Chief Commissioner.

The Chief Commissioner has the authority to select a Chief Inspector who is qualified to lead the New Zealand police force,” Detective GumShoe’s tweets said.

When asked if Detective Gumwoe was the new Commissioner, Detective West responded: “He has been selected.

He is a police officer and will take charge of the New York City Police Department in 2020.”

Detected by a detective from his native New Zealand and New York.


Gumwoh’s tweets about New Zealand have been controversial in the past.

On the night of February 14, 2018, Detective Gumwedo posted a series, titled “Bombs, Bombs, Bomb”.

In the tweet, he described himself as a “bomb guy”.

He also described himself a “police bomb” and an “insider bomb”.

He said: “New Zealand’s police department has been under assault from the media for months.

This has been a long and difficult period.

I am going to bomb this department, this government, and the country.

I know this is not an easy task.”

He was also described by several New Zealand media outlets as a ‘bomb-loving’ figure, and said: “I love being a bomb-loving police officer.

I don’t know why I am a bomb guy.

I love police officers and they love me.

But I am not bomb-hating.

I’m just a police bomb guy.”

In response to a barrage of criticism from the New Zealander community, Detective Gums Twitter account was deactivated.

In an email to Stuff, DetectiveWest said that Detective Gumwido had not been selected as Chief Inspector, and that the tweets were “all lies”.

“I’ve asked Detective Gumwon to apologise for his false and reckless tweets, and will be launching an investigation into his actions,” DetectiveWest wrote.

A spokesperson for Detective Gumws said Detective Gumwin had resigned from the Police Service of New England.

According to the New South Wales Police Union, DetectiveGumw had a number of police colleagues on his staff.

 He is currently under suspension from his position as a member of the Inspector and has been suspended from duty by the Newshub staff newspaper, and has also been suspended for three weeks by the media outlet.

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