What if you could solve the mystery of a dead body?

Detective trench coat is a hat worn by a detective, usually in the role of a spy or cop.

The hat has a distinctive hat strap that sits on the brim of the hat, and it’s usually worn by the detective as a form of protection, or to wear when not in disguise.

The style is so popular among detectives that many detective trench coats have been given to other police departments and other agencies around the world.

The detective trench is usually worn in the field, though in the movies, the detective has it strapped to their head in a head-covering, which helps them blend in with other officers.

In reality, however, many of us have worn the trench coat with our head covering, whether in a police station or at home.

The story behind this particular style is a little more complicated than that.

In fact, the hat itself is actually a part of a larger collection of hats worn by various police departments around the country.

The police departments that have developed their own versions of the detective trench have not been very successful.

In recent years, police departments in California, Ohio, and Virginia have all attempted to develop their own styles, but none of these have been able to make their hat the most popular among their officers.

The hat is a great asset to any detective, whether they’re in a field or in a home, as it provides protection against the elements.

The police departments have even gone as far as to make hats out of recycled paper.

Some have even taken the opportunity to put special magnets on their hats, as they were known to do in the 1930s, when the hats were worn by some detectives who worked in a station house.

Some detectives have even created their own detective hats out the back of their car.

It’s one thing to get into the habit of wearing a hat in a patrol car, but it’s quite another to actually have to put it on in your own home.

Some of the hats are also available in different colors.

The hats are sometimes made of a synthetic material, which makes them quite hard to remove when not on duty.

The detectives in question have also tried to incorporate the hats with the detective’s body armor.

This is often done to give them added protection while on duty, though the hats tend to become more difficult to remove once the detective leaves the job.

This is not the only hat with a special story behind it.

Many detective hats are made of leather, but some police departments also make them out of other materials.

For example, some detectives use leather belts as their main body armor, while others use them as headwear, or as the only way to protect the detective in the front.

In addition to hats, some police department have also created special detective hats made from the hair of their own officers.

A police department in New York, for example, has a department hat made out of their hair, as well as a helmet with the chief’s headgear.

It’s hard to say whether the detective style is popular enough in the United States to be considered a genuine trend, as police departments do not have uniform requirements.

The general trend among police departments seems to be to use more body armor and other protective gear when it comes to the police, which means that a detective hat can be worn by many different police officers.

This may explain why some departments have tried to get their own hats made out the front of their cars.

However, it may not be the only time that a police department has attempted to create their own specialized detective hat.

In some cases, police have even worn the hats as a fashion statement, as the department’s head of police has done in some of the recent high-profile cases.

In some cases like these, the hats have become such a huge part of the department that it’s become a symbol of authority.

For instance, when an officer in New Orleans was arrested for assaulting his wife, his family had a special detective hat made, which was also worn by other officers as a way of showing respect.

The hats may also be part of an effort to make the police more professional.

While the hats may not have any real-world significance, the idea of having a hat with special significance attached to it is something that police departments like in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York are trying to encourage, as some departments do wear special hats as part of their uniforms.

The stories behind these hats are not just about the detective who wears it, but also about the hats themselves.

They may be worn as a personal statement, an attempt to become the leader of the team, or even a symbol that can be seen in the police department itself.

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