UK security services ‘will be the most aggressive’ when it comes to cyber security

The UK government is preparing to take the “most aggressive” approach to cybersecurity, the head of the Home Office’s cyber security unit has said. 

Boris Johnson said in an interview with the Guardian that he would be looking to bring in cyber attacks as soon as possible, with the Government’s cyber intelligence capabilities already “more aggressive” than the UK’s national cyber security agency (NCSA). 

“Cyber threats are changing the way we live, work, and play,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he was concerned about a lack of security in the UK because of the UK government’s reliance on overseas contractors for security, and because of an “unpredictable and unpredictable” security environment. “

That’s the threat that the UK will be confronting as we move forward.” 

Johnson said he was concerned about a lack of security in the UK because of the UK government’s reliance on overseas contractors for security, and because of an “unpredictable and unpredictable” security environment. 

He said he wanted to bring the UK into line with the rest of the world in terms of the level of cyber threats it faced, and to use the same cyber capabilities as other countries in the world. 

The Home Office, which runs the national cyber threat centre (NTC), has said it is looking at all cyber threats and cyber crime, and said it would consider all information on cybersecurity breaches. 

Johnson, a former secretary of state and former foreign secretary, has said the Government will take “every possible step” to protect the country from the cyber attacks it faces. 

But Johnson said the NTC is currently not doing enough to protect UK citizens and business. 

According to a leaked document from the National Cyber Security Centre, Johnson’s government is seeking to use data from overseas agencies and third parties in an effort to gain information about cyber attacks. 

In the leaked document, Johnson is also asking for “a more aggressive approach to cyber crime” and the National Crime Agency to use “federally funded technology and intelligence” to track down and prosecute criminals. 

However, in his interview with the Guardian, Johnson said he would also be “looking at the possibility of using cyber weapons” against cyber criminals, such as “a targeted denial of service attack”.

“We will be the best at protecting our country,” he said.

“But we can’t do it without the intelligence, technology and resources that other countries have to put in place.”

Johnson’s comments come just weeks after the NCCA released its first cybersecurity report. 

NCCA director Sir Richard Dearlove said the report highlighted “a lack of information, the lack of confidence, and the inability to get the right information from the right agencies.” 

“The lack of intelligence, the inability of the Government to provide information and the lack or lack of transparency around cyber crime and the failure to engage with the intelligence community are all critical issues for the security and resilience of our nation,” Dearlove wrote. 

Earlier this month, the NSCA revealed it had identified more than 2,000 cyber attacks, including a hack of a major bank, the largest cyber attack in history. 

While Johnson said cyber attacks were the “biggest threat” to the country, he added that “there is a clear need to protect against other types of attacks”.

“It is vital that we have the resources and capability to respond to these attacks, and that we can make the right decisions about the security of our own national infrastructure,” Johnson told the Guardian.

“It would be naive to think that we will not be facing cyber attacks in the future.

But we have to have the right level of security.”

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