‘Real Detective’ to be launched as Google acquires Signal detection company

By Alex KipmanBy Alex KipsBy Alex KeppelIn March of 2017, Google announced the acquisition of Signal detection startup Signal and the launch of Google’s first ever real detective app.

The app, which is named Detective, is designed to provide real-time detective information for law enforcement, military and other agencies that require accurate and timely detection of crimes.

Google has since announced plans to roll out Detective across the entire Signal platform, including the web, mobile and social platforms.

In a press release, Google said that Detective is designed for real-world use and can be used by anyone anywhere in the world.

“The app’s real-life use cases include: law enforcement and security agencies that have a long history of using Signal, government agencies that rely on Signal for their data and law enforcement that require reliable real-estate surveillance,” the release read.

“We look forward to seeing how this product will impact law enforcement as we expand it into other industries.”

Detective is also designed to offer a more robust and flexible toolkit to law enforcement agencies, with a “multi-layered architecture that includes a wide variety of search options, real-name search, geo-location, geo tag support, search context-sensitive content, a robust search engine, and real-person interactions.”

The app is also set to receive a major update later this year.

Google is said to be working on “enhancing the functionality” of the app over time, and a new update is expected to be released next week.

A similar app called Google’s Voice Recognition Assistant is currently available on the Android Market, and it can be downloaded for free.

The company claims it is “the world’s leading voice recognition solution,” and it works on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS and iOS.

Voice recognition is not just about technology, it’s about how we communicate, according to Google.

The search giant recently announced a new partnership with the FBI, as well as partnerships with Facebook and Twitter to allow law enforcement to use its voice recognition technology in real time.

Google’s new project is also in the early stages of development, and Google said it is currently looking for more partners.

The company has already stated it is open to partnering with other companies and services, and the app’s launch is set to coincide with the end of the Black Friday shopping season.

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