Netflix’s Ghost Detective Series is ‘The most fun I’ve had in a long time’

The first season of Netflix’s Netflix series, Ghost Detective, is a little more than four episodes, but the Netflix team has already delivered the best content of its decade.

That’s thanks to two writers: James Patterson and Matthew Pugh, who both started writing for TV shows like Twin Peaks and Fargo.

The series follows the adventures of two brothers who get lost in the woods and encounter a ghost, and it’s the first series Netflix has made with both Pugh and Patterson in the same writers room.

(Pugh is now on the board of the streaming giant.)

“I just felt it was a great story, a great idea,” said Pugh.

“The most exciting part of this series is that you know you’re in the thick of it, and you’re going to get your hands on a lot of good stuff.”

That’s a lot.

It’s the sort of content Netflix has been looking to make for a while, especially as the company has struggled to make money on its originals, particularly its dramas and comedies.

“When we launched [The Punisher], we said we were going to build an original show, a series with great writers, great actors and great storytelling,” said Todd McCarthy, the chief content officer of Netflix.

“I think we’ve done that.

It hasn’t been a particularly high-profile series, but it’s been one that people have wanted to watch.”

The show’s popularity has only grown in recent months.

It has now surpassed 2.5 million subscribers, which means that it is now the second-most-streamed show on Netflix, after The Punisher.

Netflix has also begun to use the series as a springboard for new series, including one with two creators.

“We’re starting to get a lot more content from our writers that’s really unique,” said McCarthy.

“So we’ve started to look at that.

That shows that we’re not just making a series, we’re creating a whole universe.”

In a statement, Netflix said the show has “proven its mettle, and we’re very excited to explore its rich, rich history.”

It’s a bit like that “Mad Men” reference: it’s a good thing the show isn’t called Mad Men, because it’s already too good.

It also proves the show’s appeal, even if it’s not perfect, as it has become one of the most popular shows on TV.

“This is the kind of show that, if we ever had the chance to make it better, we would have,” said Netflix President Ted Sarandos.

“It’s very satisfying to see what a big success this show is, and that it has taken on this huge audience, because we’re always working on it.

It really is a delight to work with these great writers and this incredible cast.”

“The Ghost Detective” series is set to premiere in December on Netflix.

WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Ghost Detective’ Series Is ‘The Most Fun I’ve Had In A Long Time’

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