How to use your smartphone to help solve crime, a new app reveals

The 1980s Detective Jobs app for the iPhone has become a popular app for older-timers, and the results are as surprising as they are surprising.

The app was created by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was a fan of the genre.

The original app is still available, but it’s now in a limited number of locations.

The app uses an iOS-based search feature that finds the best places to take a look, as well as a database of locations to look for clues and other tips.

The database can be accessed from anywhere in the app, and you can even send it to a friend.

You can check out a video review of the app on Apple’s App Store, but there’s also a review on Ars Technic’s YouTube channel, which you can find below.

The new app includes some interesting features.

The most important one is the ability to set up alerts for specific locations that will be searched for clues, such as the crime scene in which you’re about to look at.

For instance, you can tell the app you’re looking for a crime scene by setting the alert to show up when you’re near a house that’s close to that location.

When you check it out, the app will let you know whether or not the house is nearby and if there’s anything else you might be interested in.

The most interesting feature of the new app is the new crime-solving algorithm.

It’s based on the same algorithm used in the original app, but the app adds new information and data.

For example, if you’re not looking for any information related to the crime itself, you’ll still be able to search the app for clues to the mystery, such a possible location where someone might have been at a crime-scene.

The algorithm also looks at photos of people and locations, and can even suggest photos based on what people have said about the crime and the crime.

You can then use these photos to find the clues.

You’ll still need to find a crime spot to get a clue, but this time you can use the new feature to find your way to the next spot and help you solve the mystery.

You’ll also have to set the location as your location in the phone app.

The fact that this is a new feature doesn’t mean the app is necessarily a bad app.

You’re not going to find any of the old tips in there.

It might be useful if you’ve always wanted to find out if there was a suspicious person in your neighborhood, or if you are looking for something specific that you might need to look up on a map.

There are some useful tips to the new features, such that if you find an old picture of someone and a description of the person’s car, you might have a better chance of solving the case.

If you’re really a detective, however, this app is definitely worth checking out.

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