How to tell a detective what to do

Detective Montalbanos was one of the detectives on the case when it was initially launched.

He says the investigation took the detectives from the tip line to the scene, but he doesn’t think they were always in the right place.

“The first time that we found the murder scene, there was a guy that was in the back of the van with a hatchet.

I was in my office at the time and I was like, ‘Hey, I can’t tell you what to find, because I have to go back to work,'” he says.

The suspect was found dead in the van.

“I said, ‘This guy is probably the same guy that did this.’

And then the detectives went back and found the suspect’s body in a nearby field.”

Investigators found a note left behind that detailed the man’s motivations for killing the detective.

Detective Montaltano says he was a little apprehensive when they started looking into the murder, but it didn’t feel like it was something that could be solved easily.

“It was like a real cold case.

I said, this is going to take time,” he says, and the investigation never came to an end.

But as the investigation became more and more complicated, it eventually led to a guilty plea.

He is thankful to have solved the case and to have the family of the victim’s sister to thank for his continued dedication to the job.

“We had no idea what the truth was, and we didn’t know what to believe,” he said.

“What the investigation really did was bring us to the right person.

I think the investigation brought me closer to the truth and the truth brought me to the murderer.”

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