How to Survive a Plague of Mystery: The American Detective

This week on the podcast, we’re going to look at the mystery of how a Japanese man named Miyamoto Musashi got his nickname from a series of detective-themed episodes in the 1960s and 1970s.

In a series called “The Detective Pikachu,” a Japanese detective named Miyoshi Yamaoka (voiced by Akira Hirose) is on a quest to find a kidnapped boy named Satoshi.

The detective is sent on a crime-solving mission to capture Satoshi, but when he’s captured, Satoshi’s mother, Minori Miyamoto (Kazuko Nakamoto), is kidnapped by her husband.

The kidnappers are looking for Satoshi’s father, Hiroshi (Riki Takahashi), and their daughter, Mio (Kanako Kakutani), but they are unable to locate him, leading to the kidnapping of Hiroshi and Mio’s mother.

The two are rescued by a young boy named Yoshi, who is in turn rescued by his mother’s old classmate, Yumi.

After Yoshi is rescued by Mio and Hiroshi, he is taken back to Miyoshi’s apartment, where he discovers that he has been kidnapped and held hostage by his kidnappers.

Miyoshi discovers that Yamaoki has gone missing, but he is able to rescue him, only to be beaten by Hiroshi for trying to rescue his mother.

Miyo decides to get Miyoshi out of trouble and take the boy back to Japan, but the police are unable do anything to rescue Mio, and she is taken to a psychiatric facility.

When Miyoshi wakes up from his coma, he finds himself in a world where he is the owner of a restaurant named “Miyoshi’s Cafe.”

He is also the owner and manager of the restaurant’s restaurant, which serves sushi and other Japanese food, which Miyoshi finds to be very delicious.

When he comes to grips with his identity, Miyoshi is soon able to start cooking up some dishes to try to help restore his sanity.

Miyako and Yoshi meet each other again in Tokyo and decide to start dating, though it doesn’t go well.

Miyako becomes depressed and Yoshi becomes a very unhappy person.

He becomes depressed because of the stress of his relationship with Mio.

After he discovers a new restaurant named Miyori’s Cafe, which offers sushi, Miyako decides to start serving sushi to the public, though Yoshi refuses to serve sushi.

When the two are unable for any other reason to find someone else to share the sushi with, Miyoko is angry at Yoshi for being unable to find anyone to share it with, which is a bit of a letdown for Yoshi.

When Miyako discovers that Yoshi has been dating Miyoshi for years, he feels that he should be able to date her, but Miyako doesn’t want him to.

Miyakeo is very angry with Yoshi for not being able to be her husband, so Miyako sends him back to his apartment, but Yoshi refuses and refuses to come back to her apartment.

Yoshi eventually gets in trouble and is arrested, and Miyako begins to believe that Yoshi was her husband in her mind.

Yoshi is found guilty and sent to prison, but before Yoshi is sentenced, he receives a phone call from the Japanese government.

It’s from Miyako.

She is happy to hear that Yoshi is being released, but she is disappointed to hear from him that she won’t be able see Yoshi again.

After Miyako goes to jail, Yoshi begins to feel that she is his new wife.

She starts to be suspicious of Yoshi and starts to talk to him about him being his real husband.

Yoshi also becomes angry that she’s still being jealous of him and that he didn’t get a chance to be his real wife.

When she goes back to the prison, Yoshi becomes more angry and decides to beat up the guards, and he then tells her that he is going to beat her.

Yoshi begins beating up the other guards, but it is a very bad idea because he will end up in jail for the rest of his life.

Yoshi’s girlfriend, Maki (Miko Wakano), comes to the jail to try and get Yoshi out, but Maki is arrested as well and Yoshi is left with Yoshi.

Maki and Yoshi are in a fight in the jail, and Yoshi ends up beating her up.

After Maki gets her revenge on Yoshi, Yoshi and Maki are reunited in a restaurant and Yoshi orders his first meal.

Yoshi and Miyo then go on a date.

Mino then realizes that Yoshi didn’t marry her in her real life, but in her head.

Mino decides to marry Yoshi, but because Yoshi was in jail, she couldn’t find her boyfriend, so she went back to Mio instead.

She and Yoshi then start a relationship.

When Yoshi becomes jealous of Mio because she is the same age as Miyako, he decides

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