How to spot the ‘ancient detectives’ in Hollywood

An ancient detective who helped solve the murder of a man who was killed in the street has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Dennis Hays, better known as the Batman Detective, was a member of the police force of the Bronx in the 1960s and ’70s.

He was known for his detective work, particularly in the case of the murder victim.

A member of New York City’s prestigious detective squad, he also served as a member in the NYPD.

Hays is also a hero in the film “Batman” and the book “Ancient Detective,” which was adapted into a screenplay by Michael Bay.

“I think the batman detective was a great detective, a great hero, and an icon,” said Dr. Michael Pascual, who founded the “Batman-Batman Detective Museum” in Harlem.

“But I think the Batman Detective Museum is more of an archaeological artifact than a museum.”

The museum, which opened in May, is located at 730 N. 14th St. in Manhattan.

It will have exhibits on the history of detective work in New York, including the Batmobile and the bat, and on the origin of the “ancient” detective’s name.

“The batman has become the symbol of modern urban crime,” said curator Michael C. Smith.

“He’s an urban legend.”

Hays’ name also appears in the movie “The Dark Knight” as the vigilante who killed Bruce Wayne in the original movie.

“In the original ‘Dark Knight,’ there’s a scene where Batman is in a hotel room with a bat,” Smith said.

“And there’s this little speech in which Bruce says, ‘I am a detective.’

And the bat says, `You’re a batman.’

And Bruce says ‘Oh, really?’

So that’s where it was in the script.

And it’s like, ‘Yes.'”

Hays was inducted in the hall of fame last month by a group of New Yorkers, including actors Martin Sheen, Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons, who are among the filmmakers and writers of the film.

He is also credited with introducing the Batman to the world in a 1978 issue of Time magazine.

“He was not the only Bat-Man,” said Smith, who is also the curator of the museum.

“We’ve got a whole group of people who came up with the name, including Ben Affck.

He wrote the book ‘Batman: An Anachronistic Detective Story’ that has a section called ‘Batman.'”

The museum will also hold a movie screening on March 20.

Tickets are $5, and the museum is located inside the New York Stock Exchange.

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