How to spot a scammer in real life

Detective Conan: The Untold Story of Detective Conan by Chris Lattner (Random House, £24.99) is a detective thriller in which Conan has to catch a scam artist in real-life crime scenes.

Conan has a job, but it is as a detective investigating crimes that Conan is most likely to come across scammers.

This is because Conan’s job as a cop is to catch scammers and his job as Conan is to protect the public from scammers – which is a job he has done for decades.

Conan is a true detective, which is why his first instinct is to find and arrest criminals, but he soon realizes that he is not so much a detective as he is a thief, which he finds very hard to believe.

Conan and his partner, Detective Detective Tom, have a job to do, and Conan must stop a series of thefts in order to prevent the theft of priceless artifacts from a private museum.

Conan must work closely with Detective Tom and the gang of detectives to solve the crimes they have to solve, and the only thing Conan is not used to is being in a crime scene when he is investigating it.

Detective Conan has been described by reviewers as a thrilling thriller with an excellent plot.

The film is set in the 1920s and features a variety of characters, many of whom have no real name or are only identified by their last name, which Conan does not even realize until it is too late.

Conan’s partner, Tom, is the one of the best characters in the film, and has a lot of emotional depth, with a very believable character who is both compassionate and cold-blooded.

Conan gets a lot more screen time than he deserved, as the film takes a more traditional approach to his work and does not try to mimic the modern detective movies of the 1950s.

It is not a good film, but the plot is interesting and the characters are interesting and interesting.

Conan himself is a very entertaining character, and his love of the detective world makes him one of my favourite characters in all of fiction.

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