How to solve mysteries with your private detective series

The Private Detective series is a detective cartoon series set in the 1970s and 1980s.

It follows two detectives working for a private detective agency, investigating cases involving celebrities, celebrities’ homes and celebrities’ lives.

The show has been licensed for use on a variety of platforms including Amazon Video, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video, with a number of animated versions and movies available as well. 

According to the creators, the series is inspired by their own experiences and the stories they’ve uncovered.

“We want to tell a rich and engaging story with a strong moral compass and the ability to turn good into evil, and to explore how people can work together to solve their own problems,” they said in a statement to The Register.

“It’s a very good story with great humour, and a great set of characters.”

The series is set in a world where celebrity murders and celebrities disappear disappear in real time, with no trace of who or what killed them. 

The series’ creators have said they hope to bring the series to a wider audience through their work on social media and in the television and film industries. 

In a series of tweets, they said that they’re working on a series called The Private Investigator’s Daughter that will focus on the lives of celebrities who are “the subjects of private investigations”.

“We’ve created a series based on some of the people who have become the subjects of our private investigations, and the lives they’ve lived, and we want to share that with you,” they wrote.

“The Private Investigator series is based on the work of our friends and colleagues who have been doing our private detective work for over 30 years.”

The private detective shows on the series will be produced by Cartoon Network Australia. 

If you’ve enjoyed the Private Detective shows, and are interested in more, you can read our series guide for more information about the series and how to buy the first two seasons of the series.

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