How to make your own superhero comic: Marvel comic creator explains how to make the next great American comic title

American detective magazine has the latest installment of its “American Detective” series, where we get our first look at the adventures of a mysterious detective and his ragtag team of superheroes. 

First up is the first issue, which is set in the fictional city of New York City and features a squad of criminals led by a guy named Jimmy. 

We learn that Jimmy has a reputation for having the most amazing superpowers, and that he’s a bit of a superhero himself. 

He can shoot beams of light from his hands, can teleport through walls, and can shoot lightning bolts. 

The rest of his team is made up of superpowered individuals like Jimmy, who is also a detective and has his own personal superpower, the “Paintball Cannon.” 

The paintball cannon fires paintballs at people, which causes them to flail around like fish in a barrel. 

While the comic doesn’t give us much insight into the history of the paintball, it does have some interesting details about it, like the fact that it was invented in the 1920s and that Jimmy is a member of a group called the “Funkin’ Pawns.” 

Jimmy is the main character of this issue, and the other characters are pretty much interchangeable. 

Jimmy has his signature purple suit, which has a long cape, which he can pull on for a full-body attack. 

His costume is more of a costume for his head and shoulders, which gives him a super-speed and a huge amount of strength. 

In addition to the superpowers he has, Jimmy has two superpowers that he can use to boost his physical abilities, namely his super speed and his super strength.

Jimmy is one of the most recognizable comic characters in the world, so it’s no surprise that the cover of this installment of American Detective magazine is pretty iconic. 

But the real star of the show, though, is the cover itself. 

When Jimmy first shows up, he’s the “cool guy” with the super-fast costume and the cool mask, and we get to see his superpowers in action. 

For the most part, Jimmy is pretty badass, but he also has some superpowers. 

This issue also has Jimmy playing with paintballs and throwing them at people. 

I mean, come on, these things can kill people, right? 

But what really sets the cover apart is that Jimmy actually throws paintballs, and he does so with a certain level of precision. 

And when he throws the paintballs out of his hands they just look like they’re falling into a water fountain. 

So, the fact is, Jimmy can use his super powers to knock people out, and they just come crashing down, making it look like he’s throwing paintballs in the air. 

There’s a lot of fun stuff going on in this issue. 

Here’s the cover:The cover itself:

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