How to get rid of your old detective plush

The detective Grimoire has been a popular item at conventions and on Amazon for years.

But what if you don’t want it?

Here are five ways to get it back into your life.


Remove the plastic packaging and stick it in a drawer 2.

Cut it up and store it at home 3.

Buy a replacement from a local store 4.

Put the original inside a cardboard box 5.

Throw it away 1.

Cut up and stick the original detective plush in a box, then throw it away.

Photo: Supplied 2.

Buy one of these at a local shop 3.

Put a small amount of the new plush inside a box and then throw the old one out 4.

Throw the old detective back in the box 5: Buy a new one from a nearby store, and store in a cardboard bag.

Photo by: Supplying 1.

Buy the original version from a store like JB Hi-Fi or T-Mobile.


Remove all the plastic from the packaging and toss it in the trash.


Cut the package up and put it in your drawer, and cut the plastic wrap to fit inside.


Take the original, discard the original and put the new version in the cardboard box.


throw it into a cardboard container and throw it in to the recycling bin.

Photo taken from my daughter’s phone.

1/6 The original Detective Grimoire photo: Supp.

2/6 It was one of my favourites when I was a kid.

The new version looks better than the original.

Photo courtesy of Supp.

3/6 I also used to love this toy, but I’ve had it for over 20 years.

I used to put it inside a plastic bag and throw out the old version.

Photo via my daughter.

4/6 Nowadays, I have a new version of the original Detective Grimoire on my phone.

The old version looks like it is hanging on the wall and is not a great gift.

Photo provided by Supp.

5/6 This is the original toy I used as a child, and it still has a lot of sentimental value.

It is now being used as an adornment.

Photo supplied by Supp 6/6 How to replace the plastic box and put a new plush back in it: 1.

You can use a small piece of plastic and cut it into quarters.

This will fit inside the plastic bag. 2

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