How to detect ghosts in your computer and your PC

Google News reader mikaela wrote in with a tip that if you’re looking for a ghost in your PC or Mac, you can use the GhostDetector tool.

“If you have a PC, then there’s a GhostDetect app for Windows, Mac and Linux, and that app has the ability to detect the ghost,” said Google’s Paul Ting in an email to TechCrunch.

“You can check your Windows, OSX and Linux machines using the GhostDetect app, and check the OSX version of the app.

If you have an Android device, you need to use the app GhostDetection, which has a separate Android app for detecting ghosts.

The app also has a ghost detection option, which detects the presence of ghosts on Android devices, but there’s no option for iOS users.”

The app has a list of ghost-detection features, including: Detecting ghosts on a particular device or operating system Detecting ghost-like behavior in a system or app Detecting the ghost of a specific user using the Google Analytics or GhostDB tools Detecting other objects and entities detected by the app and its GhostDetective app Detects ghost-based events in a specific location Detecting a ghost that’s not present on your device or on your machine Detecting any other objects detected by a ghost detector or other app Detectively detecting objects detected on a computer.

The GhostDetter app will also automatically report the results of your search to the Google+ community.

“Ghosts are typically not very subtle and it’s hard to detect,” Ting wrote.

“There are also cases when you can see things that don’t exist on the device that would give you a clue to what the ghost is.”

GhostDetected apps can also show you the location of a ghost on a nearby device, or a ghost from a specific device, Ting added.

The apps are free and the Google Chrome browser extension also works.

Ting also suggested the apps use Google’s GhostDB to help you find ghost-related content.

“To get started, visit Google+ GhostDB and enter your name, the name of the ghost, a description, and a location,” he wrote.

You’ll then be directed to the app’s Google+ page.

The developer said GhostDetc is not available in all operating systems.

For Windows, the Ghost Detective app is available for free, but the developer suggested the Chrome extension can be used for Mac.

“It’s best to download GhostDetct for the Windows version of Chrome, as it is the most recent version,” Tings wrote.

The developers also noted that you can add the app to Chrome’s “Tools” menu.

“Right-click on the Ghost Detector icon in the upper-right corner of your Chrome toolbar, and select ‘Add to Web’ to add the Ghostdetector app to your web browser,” the developer said.

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