How much do you earn for a single day of Pokemon?

I had the honor of being part of the first Pokemon Detective Pikachu episode.

In this episode, Detective Pikachu helps the Pikachu Detective team get a new toy to the local police department.

In addition to solving the mystery of the missing Pikachu Detective, Detective Synonym and Detective Pikachu also solve a murder case involving a young man, the mysterious disappearance of a boy, and a young boy who has been kidnapped.

As the detective team continues their investigation, Detective Psychic Pika helps them solve a crime against a woman who is suspected of murdering a man.

Detective Synonyms detective also investigates a murder in a church.

Detective Pikachu is a unique detective, able to detect the mood of a suspect.

The detective team also finds a young girl who was kidnapped by a group of men.

In the end, Detective Psyche Pikachu gets caught up in the investigation of a young woman who has disappeared.

The team learns that the girl was kidnapped while walking to a shopping mall.

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