‘Detective Pikachu’ movie, TV show and memes are back. Now you can catch ‘Detect’ and ‘Detector’ 2!

A new trailer for ‘Detection’ and the sequel, ‘Detected,’ has debuted online, teasing a “detective Pikachu” and a “new Detective Pikachu meme.”

The movie stars the adorable and lovable Pikachu, a character created for the original “Detective” TV series, along with new voice actors and new animations.

Both films are slated for a December release.

“Detective,” which was originally released in 2004 and became a cult favorite for its use of voice acting, is now a classic.

“Detect” features a cast of over 60, including the voice actors who voice the original characters.

The series’ popularity is due in large part to its portrayal of an everyday crime that’s more often than not solved by a detective.

The sequel, “Detected 2,” will focus on a team of investigators called the “Detection Squad,” who investigate cases of missing children, serial killers, and serial killers of the night.

It’s also been a hit with children, with a 2016 episode starring a little girl named Erika who got caught in a serial killer’s trap.

The “Detect” movie was created by Rob and Robyn Lantz.

Rob Lantz, who is known for voicing characters from “Detector” and “Detached,” is the producer of “Detracted,” along with executive producer and co-creator of “Family Guy” Seth MacFarlane.

The two are the co-creators of “The Simpsons,” “Family Feud,” and “The Young and the Restless,” and they also produced the animated TV series “Family Ties.”

They’ve also directed multiple movies, including “Sesame Street” and the upcoming “Frozen.”

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