Detective Chinatown 3: Detective Detective Chinambo – A Great Mouse Detective Series

Detective Chinango 3: The Detective Detective series is a collection of short stories written by the same author that have been serialized in various manga publications since 2013.

In the series, Chinango and his partner Chinama are sent to investigate the disappearance of a missing boy named Chinambo.

The series centers on Chinango as a young detective, and his relationship with Chinama and their family as they try to piece together the mystery of Chinambo’s disappearance.

Detective Chinanga 3: A Great Detective Detective Series is available for both PS4 and PS Vita.

It will be released for $29.99 on April 24, 2017. 

Detective Chinango Series Publisher: Marvel Comics Publisher: Marvel Publisher’s Website: Detective Chinongo 3: Detective Chinambo (2016) Detail Publisher: Capcom (2017) The game will be available to play from April 24 on the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Network. 

Watch the trailer for Detective Chinamboo 3: 

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