Colt Detective Special, Detectors Training Kit,Colt’s Advanced Digital Image Processing Systems

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The company also has a small armory of other products, such as the Colt Tactical Data Recorder, which it calls a “detective camera.”

It can record and capture high-definition video, and can be set to record and record and collect images and other images.

The “digital camera” also has sensors that can be used to track moving objects in an area.

Colt says the device can be placed in a vehicle and can even be used as a remote camera.

Colt has been working with the Pentagon to make the device easier to use, but the company says the new device is a “significant step forward.”

“Colt has developed a device that allows us to record video of the environment to be captured and processed by the Army,” says Matt Pomeranz, vice president of product development for Colt.

It’s not clear if the device will be available in the U.S. anytime soon, but there are some who hope it will.”

Colt is now working with DOD to bring these capabilities to the consumer market.”

It’s not clear if the device will be available in the U.S. anytime soon, but there are some who hope it will.

The Pentagon has been developing a similar device, called the Colt Advanced Digital Video Recorder (ADVR), that it says could be ready for market in the near future.

A Pentagon spokesperson says that “this is still an ongoing project,” but the device could be available for a “short period of time.”

“While this is a small device that may not be available until the DOD is ready to introduce the ADVR to the public, it will enable the Army to better communicate and work with the civilian community to support the development of its future technology,” says the spokesperson.

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