Business Insider: Amazon says it’s shutting down its Echo device and shutting down the company’s website.

Business Insider has confirmed with Amazon that Echo devices and websites will be shut down in the coming days, effective immediately.

We understand that the decision to close Echo devices was made to comply with the company policy on noise and security.

We have a number of customers who are experiencing noise issues on the site and our team is working to resolve them.

In addition, our team will be closing the site from Monday, December 2nd through Monday, January 7th, 2017.

We are also working to address other issues with the site.

For customers who do not have an Echo device, we are also shutting down Echo Devices on the Amazon Marketplace and on Amazon’s platform for customers who purchase Echo devices.

If you have an Amazon Echo device or have one of our Amazon Marketplace or AWS.

“We have been working with Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) on a number on issues impacting our customers, and the decision was made that we were going to implement the closure to comply, and we will do that from Monday,” Amazon spokesperson Shami Gomperts told Business Insider.

“Amazon will be providing an update on our progress as we continue to address these issues.”

Amazon has also announced a number changes to the Echo device in light of the noise issues.

It’s unclear what the impact of the closures will be on Amazon Echo devices on Amazon Web services.

The company said in a statement that it was also working with customers on the issues with Amazon Cloud Platform to resolve their issues.

“In light of recent incidents, we have made several improvements to our platform to address some of the more serious concerns that customers have raised,” Amazon said.

For customers who purchased an Echo from the company, Amazon will be refunding their device or refunding any additional costs they may have incurred.

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